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Wu Xiaofeng
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Resume of professor wu xiaofeng


Basic information

WU Xiaofeng: professor, master’s supervisor, doctor of history, Jilin university; postdoctoral fellow of literature, Fudan university; president of Zhaoming Wenxuan Society at Changchun Normal College; director of the institute at Huanggang Normal University; vice president of the College of Arts, discipline leader of ancient literature key disciplines, Hubei Huanggang Normal University; vice President of the Humanities College, Jiangsu university; deputy dean of the School of Humanities and Law, Jiangsu university; deputy dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Jiangsu university; director of the center for Chinese language international promotion, head of the Chinese language and literature, Chinese international education disciplines. Currently, the principal of Chinese international education in the School of Liberal Arts, Jiangsu university, and the researcher of the School of Liberal Arts, Jiangsu University.

Phone: 86-15805281963 E-mail:6168395@163.com

Research interests

Ancient Chinese literature, historical philology, linguistics, research on Zhenjiang famous historical and cultural city, etc.

Main courses offered

Research of Shijing

Study on the Selection of Literary Works of zhaoming

Introduction to linguistics

Ancient Chinese literature

Modern Chinese

Ancient Chinese


Introduction to Chinese Linguistics

Representative works

Academic monographs

1. Study on the ritualization of things, events and images in the book of songs, solo work, wuhan publishing house, December 2009;

2. A study on rites and customs in the second south of the book of songs, wuhan publishing house, April 2006;

3. Research on qian's theory of literary anthology, co-authored and first author, published by jilin university press in September 2004;

4. Errors in publication of yingkuililu medulla, independent edition, wuhan press, March 2009;

5. Commentary on the literature of wang renkan, an official in the late qing dynasty, co-authored by the first author, published by jiangsu university press in February 2016.

6. Zhaoming wenyuan zengxuelin -- collected papers of selected works and carving dragon in the heart of literature, Editor in chief, jiangsu university press, December 2019. And so on.

Representative papers:

1. New interpretation of "zhou nan guan ju", journal of northeast normal university, 2nd issue, 2004, CSSCI

2. The generation of "zhou nan" and "zhao nan", zhongzhou journal, November 2008, CSSCI

3. "be" and "deputy" in "the book of songs", journal of history, January 2009, CSSCI

4. Discussion on the making year of shi • ernan and its related issues, journal of the study of ancient books arrangement, 4th issue, 2004

5. There is another secret to the prosperity of selective literature in the sui and tang dynasties

6. In "the book of songs: the national wind", "the arrangement of salary" and "the promotion of water", "literature in the Chinese language: the second symposium on Chinese literature and the Chinese language" (Taiwan), October 2010

7. A new theory on marriage season, journal of changshu institute of technology, 2009 (9)

8. Experience the ideal realm of life in health preservation -- the natural health preservation concept of ji kang in "selected works", "six dynasties historical culture and zhenjiang regional development academic seminar", November 24, 2010

9. Pre-qin marriage proposal etiquette reflected in "ernan" of the book of songs, journal of changchun normal university, 3rd issue, 2008

10. Discussion on the "diao dragon" of "wenxin diao dragon", the meeting and adaptation of the centennial dragon study, heilongjiang people's publishing house, December 2011, international academic symposium and the 11th annual conference of China wenxin diao dragon research association

11. From the creation of "wen xin diao long" to liu xie's acceptance of Confucianism -- some inspirations from reading "preface annals", the 4th issue of zhongzhou academic journal in 2014, included by CSSCI

12. Swedish Sinologist gao benhan, "notes to the book of songs", Chinese journal, no. 10, 2014, co-authored the first author

13. On the inheritance and promotion of the traditional Chinese aesthetic spirit of "wenxin diao long", jiangsu province "cultural province construction and excellent traditional culture theory seminar" conference, August 2015.

Lead or complete representative projects

1. The formation and development of the European and American "book of songs", the humanities and social science planning fund project of the ministry of education (13YJA751052), 2013 -;

2. Notes to wang suzhou's suicide note, project of ancient books collation committee of Chinese universities (su jiaocai [2013] no. 16), 2013-2016.

3. Literature integration of Korean science, subtopic of major bidding project of national social science foundation in 2013.

4. Study on the etiquette of the book of songs, ministry of education humanities and social science planning fund project (06JA75011)

44017), 2007-2010.

5. Study on the ritualization of things and images in the book of songs: national style, the 41st batch of China postdoctoral science foundation (20070410671), 2007-2009.

6. Selected works, introduction to qian's study, social science fund planning project of jilin province (2004169), 2004-2005.

7. Research on the temporal language of the six dynasties in selected works, jiangsu province key social science research project (10ZWA002), 2011-2014;

Representative awards

Scientific research awards

1. "characteristics of selected studies in the new era" (co-authored by the first author), won the third prize of changchun excellent social science achievements, 2004;

2. Monograph "research on selected works of qian family" (co-authored by the first author), won the third prize of excellent social science achievements of huanggang city, 2007;

3. Monograph "the study of rites and customs in the second south of the book of poetry" (solo work), won the third prize of outstanding achievements in philosophy and social science of universities in jiangsu province, 2008;

4. Won the second prize of zhenjiang city's outstanding achievements in philosophy and social science (2009) for the publication error of yingkuililu medulla (a single book);

5. Monograph "interpretation of rites and customs culture of things and images in the book of poetry" (alone), won the first prize of zhenjiang philosophy and social science excellent achievement, 2012.

6. The thesis "on inheriting and carrying forward the traditional Chinese aesthetic spirit with the carving of a dragon in the heart of literature" (a single work) was read out at the "seminar on the construction of a strong cultural province and the theory of excellent traditional culture" held in jiangsu province in August 2015, and won the excellent thesis award issued by jiangsu provincial department of culture, 2016.

7. Paper "his Xing straight zhenjiang magistrate Wang Renkan", was awarded the first prize for historical and cultural city of zhenjiang city institute outstanding paper, February 2017. In 2017, the research achievements of wang renkan (a native of fuzhou city, fujian province) were valued by the zhenjiang municipal government, which invested 600,000 yuan to build the wang renkan memorial hall, which was officially opened on April 26, 2017.

Major social part-time jobs

Member of the Chinese society of selective literature

Council member of China wenxin diao dragon research association

Member of ancient literature society of jiangsu province

Member of zhenjiang historical and cultural city research association

Consultant of zhenjiang society of romance of The Three Kingdoms

Professor of nanjing civic school: lecture on the book of songs

Lecturer of jiangsu provincial humanities hall


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