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Ren Xiaofei
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REN Xiaofei

4-4-105, Jiangsu University,
No. 301, Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, 212013, P. R. China.
Mobile Phone+86-13952818292 FAX+86-511-88792568

Personal Data
Professor, Master’s supervisor, D. Lit., Dean of the School of Liberal Arts &Director of the Language and Culture Center, Jiangsu University.

Academic Interests
Intercultural Communication, TCSOL, Corpus Translation studies, etc.

Educational Background

Visiting Scholar, Western Sydney University, 2018-2019

Visiting Scholar, Manchester University, 2010-2011

D. Lit., Shanghai International Studies University, 2009

M.A, Shanxi University, 1996

B.A, Shanxi University, 1990

Courses offered

Intercultural Communication and TCSOL (core major course for MTCSOL)

Intercultural Communication and International Education (JSU elective course)

Translation Studies

Research Methods of Translation Studies

Chinese Chanting (for international students)

Research Methods of Linguistics (core major course for postgraduates)

Major Academic Achievements

Academic Monographs

1. Introducing Corpus Stylistics into Translation Studies, China’s Social Sciences Press, 2016.

2. Introducing Corpus Stylistics into Drama Translation Studies, China’s Social Sciences Press, 2014.

3. A Translator on the Stage — A Systemic Study on Ying Ruocheng’s Drama Translation, China’s Social Sciences Press, 2008

Academic Papers (1st author or correspondence author)

1On Formal Correspondence in Chinese-English Translation from the Perspectives of Hypotaxis and Parataxis, China’s Translator Journal, 2002:2

2Formal Correspondence in Chinese-English Poetry Translation, Foreign Languages and Translation, 2001:4.

3Performatives in Ying Ruocheng’s Translation of Teahouse, Translation Journal, 2008/2.

4Translation and Reception of Systems Philosophy in China, Proceedings of the 18th International Translation Conference, 2008.

5Cultural Turn in Multi-rank Equivalence Theory, Jiangsu University Journal (Social Sciences), 2008:3.

6Translator’s Manipulation of Equivalence, Yangzhou University Journal (The Humanities and Social sciences), 2009:4.

7Turn-taking Management and Dramatic Dialogue Translation— a case study of dramatic stylistics, Foreign Languages Teaching Theory and Practice, 2010:1.

8. A Translator on the Target Stage— Ying Ruocheng’s Theatrical Translation, Babel, 2010:4.

9. On the Orality of Drama Translation——Corpus-based study on the translation of Measure for Measure. Foreign Languages and Foreign Language Teaching. 2011:4.

10. British Postgraduates' Academic Research Ability Cultivation System, Higher Education Management. 2013:1.

11. Corpus stylistics in drama translation studies——Case study of deictic system in drama translation, Foreign Languages Teaching Theory and Practice, 2014:2

12. Corpus Stylistics of Drama in Drama Translation Studies——(Im)politeness in Two Chinese Versions of Miller’s Death of SalesmanBabel, 2014/4.

13. Innovative Model of Industry-University-Research Cooperation in Germany’s Dual System: An interview with Prof. Reinhold Geilsdrofer, DHBW Headquarters, President, Higher Education Management. 2015:5.

14. Exploring Training system of Intercultural Communication for Master Students of TCSOL, Social Scientist, 2018:12

15.The Dissemination and Influence of Xiao Jing in Ancient Japan, Overseas Chinese Classics Study, 2019:18

16. The Dissemination and Influence of Chinese Primer Classics, The Journal of Jiangsu University (Social Sciences), 2019:1

17. Constructing the Shared Future for Human Beings in Cultural Inheritance and Cultural Identification, Network of Chinas Social Sciences, April1,2019.

18Study on Culture Capital of Huang Di Nei Jing and its Overseas Dissemination——taking major English countries as a case, Public Literature, 2019:4

Research Projects

1.International Dissemination and Influence of Chinese Classic Primers. The Key National Social Sciences Fund (17AZS012), 2017-2020.  

2.Research into the Cultivation System of Intercultural Communication Competence for MTCSOL, 2017 Postgraduate Education Project for MTCSOL (Professional Degree) (HGJ201713), 2018-2020.

3.Internationalization of English Courses — Corpus-based Series of EAP Courses, (B-b/2013/01/023), 12th Five-Year Plan Educational Science Projects in Jiangsu Province (key project). 2013-2016

4.Constructing Corpus Stylistics Methodological System in Translation Studies, The National Social Sciences Fund (10BYY007), 2010-2013

5.Constructing Systemic Framework of Corpus-based Dramatic Stylistics in Drama Translation Studies (09YJA740055), Social Sciences Fund, Ministry of Education, China. 2009-2013

6.Drama Translation Studies from the Perspective of Dramatic Stylistics — Corpus-based Ying Ruocheng’s Theatrical Translation09JDB740006, Philosophical and Social Sciences Fund of Jiangsu Higher Education, 2009-2011


Honors & Awards

1. 2nd Prize of Excellent Research Achievements in Philosophical and Social  Sciences of Jiangsu Province, 2018

2. 2nd Prize of the 12th Excellent Research Achievements in Philosophical and Social Sciences of Zhenjiang City, 2018

3. 3rd Prize of Excellent Research Achievements in Philosophical and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Province, 2012

4. 3rd Prize of Excellent Research Achievements in Philosophical and Social Sciences of Zhenjiang City, 2012

5. Excellent Postgraduate Course of Jiangsu Province, 2010

6. 3rd Prize of Higher Education Research of Jiangsu Province, 2007

7. 3rd Prize of Excellent Research Achievements in Philosophical and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Higher Education, 2006

8. Outstanding Young Leading Teacher in Jiangsu Qinglan Project (2006-2010)

9. Woman Civility Post of Zhenjiang (2010)

10. Advanced Individual in Foreign Experts Work in Jiangsu Province (2015)

1. Standing Member of Chinese Classics Bilinguals’ Association

2. Expert Member, China’s Translators Association

3. Member of Jiangsu Province’s Translator’s Association

4. Expert Reviewer of National Social Sciences Fund

5. Corresponding Reviewer of Degree and Postgraduate Education Development Center

6. Member of China’s Corpus Linguistics Research Association


Speaker of the 2nd Symposium of Chinese Teaching in ASEAN,2018

Speaker of the 10th Symposium of Chinese Teaching in Asian and Pacific Region,2018

Speaker of 13rd International Chinese Teaching Conference, New York, 2015.

Speaker of 2nd International Conference of Corpus Linguistics, Hong Kong, 2013.

Speaker of 18th International Translation Conference, Shanghai, 2008.

Speaker of 9th International Symposium of Transfer in SLA, Shanghai, 2008.



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