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Shi Huige
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SHI Huige

School of Liberal Arts, Jiangsu University
301#, Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, 212013, P. R. China.
Mobile Phone+86-511-


Personal Data

SHI Huige, member of China Democratic League, professor, Master's tutor, graduated from Qufu Normal University, Visiting scholar of Southeast University. Professor of the School of Liberal Arts at Jiangsu University, Associate director of Pearl S. Buck Research Institute, Jiangsu University. She has long persisted in research methods of on-the-spot investigation, excavated and carried out textual researches of the historical facts of the unnamed society, The whereabouts of Zhang Zongyu (leader of the Western Nian Army), published The final destination of Li Xiangjun, The heroine of Peach Blossom Fan and so on. The Literature Vitality Class advocated by her has attracted the attention widely both on-and-off campus of the university.

Research Interests

Modern and contemporary Chinese Literature

Chinese International Education

Main courses offered

The monographic study of Modern and contemporary Chinese Literature(The curriculum of MTCSOL )

Modern and contemporary Chinese Literature(The Required courses for undergraduate major of Chinese International Education)

Lu Xuns study of Chinese literary classics(The Professional elective courses of MTCSOL)

Representative achievements

Academic monographs

1. The writing history of Zhulins literature , Jiangsu university press, 2014

2. The new view of Chinese modern and contemporary writers,Shandong Publishing House of Literature and Art,2007

3. A wisp of ligumaloes(The Collection of literary criticism),China Federation of literary and Art Press,1999

4. The Biography of Li Xiangjun,Taipei Wenyuan press,2002

5. The Qinhuai famous beauty Li Xiangjun,Anhui Literature & Art Publishing House,2005

6. Jiang Guangci and reading, Tomorrow press,2001

As Participant

1. On the school of thought of novels in the new era, Baihua Literature and Art Press,1992

2. A survey of Shandong literature,Qingdao Ocean University Press,1994

3. Essentials of modern and contemporary Chinese Literature,Jinan press,1999

4. Biography of the Nobel Prize winner,tomorrow press,1997

5. A general survey of Chinese Museum,Selected topics of key publications in the national "Tenth Five Year Plan", First edition special contributor

Main academic papers

1. An analysis of Wei Congwu's "cooperative alliance" -- starting from two newly discovered historical materials of Wei Congwu, Journal of Shandong Normal University, April 2000; catalogue of copied materials of income people's Congress

2. Wandering on the Bank of Daming Lake: Mr. Qu Shiwei and Jinan, the study of Qu Qiubai, No. 12; income, a new study of Qu Qiubai, Nanjing University Press, 2003

3. Reading the complete novel "witch" of bamboo forest, literary and artistic contention, 2007 / 08

4. Hard work, hard work and hard work -- Zhang Xijun, pioneer of Taiwan's new literature, World Forum on Chinese literature, 2001 / 02

5. On Zhang's contribution to Taiwan's new literature, Journal of Shandong Normal University, February 2006

6. Mutual support and joint creation: Guo Moruo and Jiang Guangci, Guo Moruo academic journal, 2000 / 03; income: Guo Moruo research literature summary, Volume 3, communication volume, Shanghai Bookstore press, 2012 / 07

7. Jiang Guangci and revolutionary literature, Journal of Jinan Institute of education, March 2001

8. Forget it or forget it -- an analysis of the relationship between Jiang Guangci and Lu Xun, Journal of Jinan Institute of education, 2002 / 04

9. A past event of Jiang Guangci, Ding Ling and Hu yepin, Lu Xun research in Shanghai, Volume 80, December 2018

Qu Qiubai, pioneer of proletarian revolutionary literature, a review of Qu Qiubai's research, 2003 / 01

11. Today's culture should also "go to the masses" -- Rereading Qu Qiubai's "the practical problems of popular literature and art"

Qu Qiubai research papers, Volume 7, China Federation of literary and Art Press, November 2013

12.sincere and firm in belief——Reading Qu Qiubai's superfluous words,On Qu Qiubai's research,2000/2、3 volume

13. Rigorous demonstration of literary style and Science,

Qu Qiubai, 2004 / 01

14. Overview of Unnamed society, Journal of Jinan Institute of education, February 2000

15. Listening to the sound of the earth fire -- on the collection of taijingnong's novels the son of the earth, Journal of Jinan Vocational College, 2005 / 06

16. The third volume of Pearl Buck's research works

17. Looking at the differences between Chinese and Japanese nationality from patriot, Pearl S. Buck research collection, Volume 5, 2017 / 07

18. Observation, exploration and presence writing in the noisy era -- Interpretation of Pearl S. Buck's novel mother, Journal of Zhenjiang University, April 2012

19. Lion's roar in the great depression: a survey of the whereabouts of Zhang Zongyu, leader of the Western NianJun, NianJun studies, Episode 3, 2006 / 10

20. Looking at the literary creation of NianJu from the perspective of the basic principles of historical literature, Journal of Jiangsu University, February 2012

21. On TV and drama communication, Journal of Southeast University, February 2011

22. Lonely mood and desolate novel world -- Zhang Ailing and her legend, selected works of literature in the past 50 years in Jinan City, literature review volume, Jinan press, 1999

23. New interpretation of the fate of Li Xiangjun, a famous woman in Qinhuai, public forum, Volume II, Shandong Education Press, 2009 / 05

24. Cao Chengying: watch, on Hu Shi's way home, biography of celebrities, issue 2, 2018

25. The love of life and death between song Ruoyu, a female hero of Zhongzhou, and Jiang Guangci, a revolutionary writer, biography of celebrities, issue 8, 2018

26. A "practical, new, independent and sincere" academic event summary of "Lu Xun's cultural heritage and spiritual heritage from a multidisciplinary perspective", Journal of Suzhou Institute of education, April 2017

27. How to build a vigorous classroom of Chinese literature for one hundred years

28. Revelry in the name of literature -- on the reform of literature education from a classroom activity, selected papers of the fifth Education Forum of Zhenjiang Democratic League, September 2015

Preside over or complete representative topics:

1.Zhulin literature creation and thought research ,Jiangsu University Advanced Technical Talent Research Startup Fund Project (10JDG006), 2010-2014

2. Analysis of Pearl S. Buck's Anti Japanese War works from the perspective of national cultural psychology (2018sy05), Zhenjiang social science application research "Pearl S. Buck research", 2018

Representative Awards

Scientific research awards

1. Third prize for outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences of Zhenjiang City, 2016

2. Third prize of Zhenjiang social science applied research "Pearl S. Buck research", 2018

3. The 12th China Book Award, 2001

4. The 8th excellent achievement award of philosophy and social sciences of Zhenjiang City, 2010

5. Zhenjiang Pearl S. Buck research Excellent Thesis Award, 2011

6. Second prize of the second excellent paper of Pearl Buck Research Association of Zhenjiang, 2013

7. Paper Excellence Award of the 5th Education Forum of Zhenjiang Democratic League, September 2015

8.The second prize of "30th anniversary of Zhenjiang Taiwan exchange and cooperation" themed essay solicitation sponsored by Zhenjiang Taiwan Affairs Office and Zhenjiang Writers Association, 2018

Honorary title

1. Won the third prize in 2006

2. 2012-2015 excellent academic tutor of Jiangsu University

3. He has been awarded as an excellent member of the Zhenjiang Committee of the NLD and an advanced individual in propaganda for many times

Major social part-time jobs

1. Chairman of Zhenjiang Literary Critics Association

2. Director of Jiangsu Literary Critics Association

3. Member of Zhenjiang Federation of literary and Art Circles

4. Special director of the Chinese NianJun Research Society

5. Evaluation expert of the academic degree and graduate education development center of the Ministry of Education

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