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Xu Mingjun
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XU Mingjun

Basic Information

XU Mingjun, Researcher, master’s supervisor, PhD in the Communication University of China. From 2013 to 2018, the deputy director of the Philosophy Institute at Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences. Performed postdoctoral research at Beijing Language and Culture University from 2014 to 2017 and was transferred to the School of Liberal Arts at Jiangsu University in April 2018. Currently, director of the Graduate Education Center of the School of Liberal Arts and leader of  "Agricultural Literature and Culture research" in the master discipline of the Chinese Language and Literature.

Phone: 86-0511-88781693 E-mail:1000004897@ujs.edu.cn

Research Interests

Marxist literature and art, folk literature and artArt communication

Major Courses Offered

1. Introduction to Literature (compulsory course for Chinese Language and Literature)

2. Literary Theory (Elective TCSOL Course)

3. Literature Research Methodology (compulsory course for Master of Chinese Language and Literature)

Representative Research Achievements

Independent Academic Monographs:

1. "Chinese Characteristics of Marxist Aesthetics", China Book Publishing House, 2013.

2. "Lu Yi Literature and Art Road Research", People's Publishing House, 2016.

Academic Papers (1st Author)

1. On the Mode of Communication and the Rise and Fall of the Crosstalk Art , "World of the Sound and Screen " 2005 (9).

2. On the compatibility of TV and theater in the place of cross talk performance, TV Research, 2007 (1).

3. Development of National Folk Dance in the Perspective of Aesthetic Anthropology, Journal of Beijing Dance Academy, 2007 (4).

4. On the narrative logic and expression mechanism of violence in media, Film Literature, 2008 (1).

5. Aesthetic category and aesthetic education of film and television violence, Film Review ,2008 (11).

6. Marxist Vision of Aesthetic Anthropology and Communication Aesthetics, "Masterpiece Appreciation", 2010 (10).

7. Drama in  Drama: an Artistic Interpretation of the Occurrence of Red Drama, National Art, 2013 (1).

8. Grassroots Writing: the Ontology of Folkization of Literature and Art, Northern Theory Series, 2013 (4).

9. Prank: Postmodern Representation of Puppet Manchu Drama, Drama Literature 2015 (7).

10.People's Nature: The Folklore Interpretation of the Yan'an Literature and Art, Social Science Series, 2016 (4), Literature and Art Theory in Photocopy of Renmin University, 2016 (11), Xinhua Digest 2017 (4), "Argument Extraction".

11. Prediction and Metaphor: Cultural Interpretation of the Puppet Manchu Drama, Journal of Guizhou University (Art Edition) 2019 (1).

Independent report of Think Tank

1. Shenyang's construction in an international metropolis should restart the Yangge Festival. It was published by the Liaoning Provincial Government's "Information for Various Areas" (May 31, 2006). The "Special Report Information" of the Shenyang Municipal Government was reprinted on June 1 and the mayor of Shenyang City at the time, Li Yingjie made positive comments on June 6 and Wang Ling, the deputy mayor,made positive comments on June 7. The Shenyang Cultural Bureau then held special conferences and discussions.

2. Regarding suggestions on setting up statues for martyrs in the youth park, Shenyang Municipal Committee, Decision Consultation, in July 8, 2008.

3. The development of Liaoning's advertising industry needs a breakthrough in concept. Xinhua News Agency's "Liaoning Leadership Reference" in March 30, 2015.

Representative Programs Chaired

1. Study on the Philosophical Support of Aesthetic Culture in Liaoning Region (L08BZX007), Liaoning Provincial Social Science Fund Project 2007-2008.

2. Research on Lu Yi's Spirit and the Sinicization of Marxist Aesthetics (L12BZX005), Social Science Fund Project of Liaoning Province ,2012-2013.

3Suggestions and countermeasures for building the cultural image of a national central city (SYSK2011-21-02), Shenyang Social Science Project, 2011.

4. Research on Lu Yi's literature and art roads, supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China (13FZW037), 2013-2015.

5. Research on the Yan'an Popular Literature and Art from the Perspective of Discourse Theory (2015M570981), the 57th General Program of China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, 2015-2017.

6. Research on historical writing and Performing of Japanese aggression (LNSGYP16035), a project commissioned by the Propaganda Department of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, 2016-2017.

7. the Yan'an Folk Literature and Art Theory ((2018FYS002)), National Social Science Fund later-funded project of China, 2018-2020.

8. Research on Historical Writing and Aesthetic Discourse of Rural Literature and Art (19JDG002), Senior Talent Funding Project of Jiangsu University, 2019-2022.

Representative Awards

Research Awards

1. Second Prize of Outstanding Achievements of the Second Academic Annual Meeting of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Liaoning Province, 2009

2. Third Prize of the 11th Outstanding Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Sciences, Liaoning Province, 2010

3. Third Prize of the 12th  Outstanding Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Sciences,Liaoning Provincial, 2012

4.  First Prize of Outstanding Scientific Research of Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences in 2013, 2014

5. First Prize of Shenyang Outstanding Social Science Achievement Award in 2014-2016, 2016

6.The third prize of the 12th Zhenjiang Outstanding Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Sciences, 2018


1. Selected into the "Four Batch" Talent Project in the Publicity and Culture System of Liaoning Provincial, (2014).

2. Selected as a "Young Professional"Talent project of Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences (2016)

3. Outstanding Communist Party Member in Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences (2017)

4. Advanced Individual in Scientific Research, in School of Arts of Jiangsu University (2018)

Main social part-time jobs:

1.Director of Shangyangbao Liuren Cultural Research Association (2007)

2. Member of International Aesthetic Society (2010)

Main Academic Conferences Participated

1. The 18th International Congress of Aesthetics, Beijing, 2010.

2. The 20th International Conference on Human Performance, Shanghai, 2014.

3. The Second Marxist Literary Theory Forum of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Weihai, 2015.

4. "Guarding the Spiritual Homeland and Constructing Contemporary Culture": Postdoctoral Forum on Chinese Language and Literature, Xi'an, 2015.

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